Production and contacts

Our production

1. Cermet drawed end sealings.

2. Hydraulic discharge of rotary pumps based on powder metallurgical alloy.

3. You can order us to produce improved heat sink radial friction bearings. All types of complications available.

Sincerely yours,
Director of LTD SPIC "GermTechOil"                             Hamzin Jernst


Adress: 450078, Russia, Bashkortostan, Ufa, p/o № 13
Phone/Fax: (3472) 28-26-84
Mobile phone: 8-917-75-488-21
TIN: 0278094065
C/a: 40702810106000105860 в Башкирском ОСБ № 8598 г.Уфа
BIN: 0480073601