GermTechOil LTD

GermTechOil manufactures mechanical seals, slip rings, and hydraulic five different types of centrifugal pumps used for pumping oil, oil products and water injection into the oil reservoir in a pressure maintenance system.

Zierringe Hydro-Abladen mit harten Sintermetall Nutzschicht CNS-180
Trim ring hydrarthrosis carbide sintered working layer of the CNS-180
Ring Kontakt mit harten Sintermetall Nutzschicht
Ring pin with carbide sintered working layer

The company offers hydraulic foot, hydraulic discharge used for balancing the axial pressure multistage sectional centrifugal pumps. The magnitude of the force determined by the pressure developed by the wheel is proportional to the number of stages and can reach ten tons. The disadvantages of the factory hydraulic toe pumps is a small life due to rapid wear of the contacting surfaces of a hydro-foot.

The firm produces according to the samples and drawings of customer any of the items, and also manufactures tooling for the machining centres.

We produce and install metal parts by milling or turning.

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